Practical GIS Analysis

David L. Verbyla 
Taylor&Francis 2001


This is a practical guide to solving GIS problems independent of specific GIS software and hardware. This book will teach you how GIS tools work, and how you can use them to solve problems in both vector and grid GIS worlds. You can test your problem-solving abilities by trying the more than eighty GIS problems (and solutions) presented in this book. If you want to learn how GIS works, and what kinds of problems you can solve with GIS, this book is for you.

Chapter 1: GIS Data Model
Chapter 2: GIS Tabular Analysis
Chapter 3: Point Analysis
Chapter 4: Line Analysis
Chapter 5: Network Analysis
Chapter 6: Dynamic Segmentation
Chapter 7: Polygon Analysis
Chapter 8: Grid Analysis
Chapter 9: Image Analysis Basics
Chapter 10: Vector Exercises
Chapter 11: Grid Exercises
Chapter 12: Saving Time in GIS Analysis
Last modified August 2001